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Ignite your sense of adventure with a six-day luxury trip to

Sweden; this unique getaway offers the perfect blend of

tradi3onal and indulgent relaxa3on in Stockholm, followed

by adrenaline-pumping ice racing in Sweden’s Lake District.

With decades of rich culture, and the purest air and water

of all of Europe’s capital ci3es, Stockholm is the perfect

place to recharge. Stay in the heart of the city at the Grand

Hotel of Stockhom – a luxury 5-star hotel home to many

celebri3es and high profile events. Then, enjoy a private

guided tour of the city, a 75mn Classic Swedish massage

and indulge in a Michelin-starred tas3ng menu dinner for

two. From Stockholm, you’ll fly North West, journeying

deep into Sweden’s frosty wilderness to the popular alpine

town of .re. There for two days, you will drive a roaring,

rally-winning 300 horsepower Porsche 911 with studded

3res over an ice-covered lake in the shadow of Mount .re,

western Sweden. With first-hand instruc3on from a worldclass

rally driving professional, this is a unique and

unforgeLable experience not to be missed.