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If cost is not an issue, this incredible experience is going to

impress your other half. The luxury 5-star hotel Metropole

in Monte Carlo has revisited the GoldenEye experience for

the discerning travelers. Kick off your unforgePable getaway

with a private helicopter transfer from Nice to Monaco.

Then, enjoy a fabulous chauffeured ride to your luxury 5-

star hotel Metropole inside a Rolls Royce Phantom. The

next day, enjoy a private guided tour of the Monte Carlo

Casino, as seen in numerous James Bond films, before

taking off in an Aston Mar3n, complete with Bond music, to

head off to a helicopter trip. Lunch follows at Jo.l

Robuchon’s only Japanese restaurant, Yoshi (One Michelin

star). Later on, in the evening, enjoy a couple’s massage in

your room, followed by a candlelit dinner by Jo.l Robuchon

on the terrace of the Carr. d’Or Presiden3al Suite,

overlooking the Principality’s magical view. The next day,

you will enjoy a full day cruise on a luxury motor yacht to

discover the charms of the French Riviera. To ensure an

excep3onal getaway, a four-night stay in a Pres3ge Junior

Suite at the stunning luxury 5-star Hotel Metropole is

included in the price. So very James Bond!